Confidence is a choice we can all make, we just need to practice it.

Do you sometimes feel like you could do something but there’s a wall stopping you? That wall is usually a limiting belief.


Let’s break down that wall together.

It sucks to be your own worst enemy. It sucks to have the feeling that you want to do something but at the same time feel like you can’t. It sucks to think of yourself as powerless, worthless, dumb, or not enough.

If you are tired of feeling like this and you’re tired of getting in your own way then join this workshop. During this workshop you will experience a full day of transformation and healing in a safe space free of judgment. You will bring to light the parts of you that you think are weak or where you feel powerless and you will offer them up to be transmuted. You will physically, emotionally and mentally release these stories. You will let go of the beliefs that limit you in your daily life to reveal new empowered ones in their place.


Reveal your Strength


9:30 TREAT: walk in with coffee/tea and breakfast treats

10:00 - 13:00 REFLECT: using exercises such as visualization, meditation, yoga, and journaling you will reflect and tap into the limiting mindset. This will lead you to identify the beliefs and stories you would like to change.

13:00 - 14:00 RE-ENERGIZE: time for pause in nature and a healthy lunch

14:00 - 17:00 TRANSFORM: using dynamic transformational exercises rooted in theater, dance, playfulness, and neuro-linguistic programming we will transform the mindset.

Price: €150

  • Price includes:

    • printed journaling workbook

    • yoga class

    • guided meditations

    • dynamic transformational exercises

    • breakfast

    • lunch

    • tea/coffee/juice

    • a peaceful location in nature

  • What you should bring: yourself, an open attitude, comfortable clothing, and a pen.


Start today and commit to change

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