Monologue Playground Workshop

Objective: prepare a monologue, awareness of body language, deliver with intention

Photo by Erik van 't Wout

Photo by Erik van 't Wout


2 intensive days of diving into monologue work. This workshop is for you if you are preparing to audition or have always wondered how to prepare a monologue. 

First part of the workshop will be analytical. We'll look at the monologue as if we are detectives, finding clues and linking story and motive. 

The second part of the workshop is the practical where we use all the evidence we've gathered in the first part to deliver our monologue the way we truly intend to. Here we will also pay attention to body language and body awareness. 

I will work with the Judith Weston method of using actionable verbs to coach you through your monologue. 

8 participants MAX! 


Cost: 250 EURO incl VAT per person

To register please email or check out the facebook event


Upcoming dates: 

Previous dates: 

Saturday 25/08 from 10:00 to 17:30 (including an hour lunch break)
Sunday 26/08 from 10:00 to 17:30 (including an hour lunch break)