Intuitive Mentoring


I want to help women and girls who, like me, have at one point felt completely and utterly lost. Who, like me, didn't know how to connect to their inner voice because somewhere along the way they lost that connection. Who don't know what it is to feel self-love. I believe I can be of service to these women because I am living it. Some of us just need someone by our side. Some one that will listen to us. That will motivate us. That will inspire us and will be our personal cheerleader. 

How I work

I hold the space for you. I support you on your journey. I check in with you energetically. I am not here to tell you what to do, I am here to give you the space to figure it out. If you need to sit in silence that’s okay. If you need to meditate or visualize we can do that. If you need to chat, or ask your guides for advice, we do. If you need to consult some tarot and oracle cards we’ll get them out. I guide and mentor you intuitively and I use everything I have learned in my own journey to healing. Every session is about what you need in that moment as you navigate through you journey. I am a helping hand, a support you can lean on when you need it. Through this process you will feel empowered. I do not intend for you to be stuck to me mentoring you forever. My goal is to empower you in your journey through life.


  • You will reconnect to that true part of You

  • You will learn to pivot your mindset

  • You will learn to trust your intuition

  • You will become aware of your emotions and your emotional guidance system

  • You will be reminded of your worth and value

  • You will learn what it means to love and take care of your Self

Disclaimer: Change can only happen if you want it to happen. I will never tell you what to do. And you always have a choice.

Joana is an easy person to connect to, even on a video call.
The tone of the session was positive and compassionate without making my struggles any less important.
She had some very helpful things to say and gave me some new insights to think about. What I loved is that the outcome was not necessarily a solution but more the feeling of strength, of being able to figure it out myself. My session with Joana reminded me of what I am capable of.
I would definitely recommend it!
— Nardje


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Admittedly, I was curious but skeptical to meet with Joana. But I was so pleased to learn that Joana’s energy is so permeating that even over video chat you can feel her warmth. Our conversation was so easy that I didn’t even realize how much I needed to talk about, let alone how comfortable I felt sharing my thoughts. Afterwards I felt a real lightness to having been heard without judgement. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for better insight on themselves.
— Allie
My intuitive coaching call with Joana was amazing! She has a no-nonsense approach but at the same time, her energy is very soothing. Joana really tuned into the things that are currently going on in my life - she was able to voice things I’d been feeling for a while but that I couldn’t or didn’t want to face. By doing so, she was holding space for me to give myself permission to surrender to these things. I’m already seeing and feeling results!
— Gaby
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Currently I only offer online mentoring and it’s open to anyone, anywhere as long as our time differences work out.

Say yes to you and start reclaiming your power now!