Creative Trainer


As a creative trainer I like to use the skills of mindfulness and working through physicality in order to be in the moment. My photography background informs the theatrical aesthetics of what I do on stage and I combine my expertise in comedy and physical theater with visual thinking. I have created improvised formats inspired by Harry Potter, and Superhero High which is a superhero highschool drama crossover. I’m always looking for ways to inspire others and level up the community and have produced a show in Amsterdam called Femprov, an improvised show with an all female cast.

I’m currently a cast member with improvisational theater groups Easylaughs, Ferocious Four, Wayward and The Odd Couple. While they’re all based in Amsterdam I do have the pleasure of touring through Europe as a performer and teacher. I’ve performed in Germany, Finland, Estonia, Spain and France to name a few.


Authentic Play Workshop

Become more vulnerable on stage and perform authentically.


Monologue Playground Workshop

Prepare a monologue and deliver it with intention.


Scene Study Workshop

Create dynamic performances together.


Acting Coach

Work with me to improve your group’s improvisation skills or get help preparing for an audition.

Joana’s uplifting high and enthusiastic energy shifts you straight out of self-doubt and she shows genuine kind consideration for all helping everyone to engage and grow rapidly with confidence!
— Jess