Corporate Trainer


As a corporate trainer I use theater and improvisation to help teams playfully explore themes such as team bonding, communication, presentation skills and creativity. My background as an operations manager for fashion brands American Apparel and Ralph Lauren give me valuable insight in understanding the demands of the corporate world. I will always work together with you to create the perfect program for what your team needs.

Team Building

Improve interpersonal relationships, create trust, learn to actively collaborate.


Improve communication skills, recognize verbal and non verbal communication cues, create clarity and communicate authentically.


Empowered in the Workplace

Empower employees in their daily work life by exploring confidence, trust and communication

Presentation Skills

Recognize and rethink personal presentation habits.

‘’The Improv Workshop by Joana is a great tool to train your improv, listening and teamwork skills. Joana brings great energy to a group and is able to adjust her workshop to the needs of the group. Very professional and also great fun!’’
— Peak 4