Empowered in the Workplace 

Objective: To help employees feel empowered in their work by playfully pushing them out of their comfort zones and feeling confident in unexpected situations.



Description: Using different improvisational exercises and games, participants explore how skills such as active listening, releasing pre-conceived or pre planned ideas, practicing empathy and dealing with setbacks in a way that builds momentum rather than disappointment can empower them in their daily work life. Improvisational theater teaches them to stay in the moment, to speak without fear and to embrace change and create creative solutions. 

The term empowerment has been broken down into three main pillars for this workshop: confidence, trust and communication. The exercises will play to those pillars. 

The workshop is designed to create a safe environment so that participants feel comfortable to let go of inhibitions and built in such a way that participants feel mutually supported and cared for.

Note: The workshop can be customized to your team’s needs.

Price upon request depending on time, group size and location

For more information or to book email info@joanaponder.com