Communication Workshop


Objective:To improve communication skills, recognizing verbal and non verbal communication cues, creating empathy, clarity, connection, authenticity



Description:Using different improvisational exercises and games, participants explore soft communication skills in a playful way. Participants explore skills such as active listening, supporting, practicing empathy, trust and authenticity. The tools of improvisational theater teaches you to stay in the moment, to speak without fear and with power, and teach you the difference between listening to understand rather than listening to respond, embrace change and create creative solutions. At the end of the workshop participants will have tools and insights they can take out of the workshop and into real life. The workshop is designed to create a safe environment so that participants feel comfortable to let go of inhibitions and built in such a way that participants feel mutually supported and cared for.

Note: The workshop can be customized to your team’s needs.

Price upon request depending on time, group size and location

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