014 :: Laura Doorneweerd ponders it up

Photo by Laura Doorneweerd

Photo by Laura Doorneweerd

The first episode of 2018 and I am so happy it is with Laura. I feel very lucky  that I know her and get to work with her on a regular basis. I've learned a lot from her and in this episode I really get to pick her brain about what it's like being an entrepreneur and how she became one. 

Ever since she was a teenager, Laura created job opportunities for herself and today she shares her journey from giving theater classes to kids over the summer to owning her own theaterschool, to filing for bankruptcy and becoming a working improviser. 

In this episode I pick Laura's brain about her "can do" attitude. 

I’m going to try it is stronger than what if
— Laura Doorneweerd

In this episode we ponder about: 

  • Laura's feeling of not being particularly talented but knowing how to sell it really well.
  • Realising that deep down she was an improviser all along. 
  • How she doesn't think about whether she can or can't do a thing but that it's an attitude rather than a conscious choice. 
  • Bankruptcy before the age of 30. 
  • The importance of taking care of the PERSON so the BUSINESS can benefit. 


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