001 :: The What and the Why


Oh my gosh! I can't believe I am doing it! I am creating a podcast! This is going from an idea in my head to an actual thing that I am doing! 

I remember when I told my brother that I was having the idea of doing a podcast and he bluntly said "don't tell me, just show me the link when you've done it." Well here it is! The very first episode! 

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's  book Big Magic, I allowed the idea to flow to me and I acted upon it. 

Done is better than good.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

In this episode I discuss why I decided to start this podcast and what future episodes might be like. Take a risk! Go on the journey with me! 

in this episode we ponder about: 

  • Joana creating a podcast.

  • Creative ideas floating towards a receptacle and that it's up to us whether we take the idea and turn it into something (from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert).

  • What the format of the podcast might be.

  • Feeling completely lost at 32 and how that inspired Joana to do the podcast so she could pick the  brains of the women she finds inspiring. 

mentioned in the episode: