Authentic Play Workshop

Objective: become more vulnerable on stage, stop anticipating, be in the moment, authentic performance. 


Photo by Alessandro Pollace

Photo by Alessandro Pollace

We connect with our audience when we are vulnerable, when we are open, when we are human. A lot of times people think acting is becoming someone else, I want to challenge you to be yourself. You can’t transform into anyone else, you’ll always be a version of yourself. So how do you work with yourself as a character?

This four week workshop will cover how to connect to yourself and your audience from the moment you step on stage. It’s acting 101.

We will cover techniques that teach the difference between illustrating vs experiencing, authentic performance, translating inner realization to an outer experience, physical awareness, spatial awareness, playing from impulse and the necessity (goal and need) of the actor/character on stage. In this workshop we will use script very minimally.

The workshop is designed to create a safe environment so that participants feel comfortable to let go of inhibitions and built in such a way that participants feel mutually supported and cared for.

You do not need to have a lot of experience and the workshop also proves challenging enough for those who have already followed a workshop or have experience with acting.

Cost: 250 EURO incl. VAT

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Previous dates: 23/06 - 14/07