Joana Ponder is an actress, improviser, positivity coach and corporate trainer based in Amsterdam.

She is currently a cast member with improvisational theater groups Easylaughs, Ferocious Four and The Odd Couple. While they’re all based in Amsterdam, she does have the pleasure of touring through Europe as a performer.

Joana is a corporate trainer who uses theater and improvisation to help teams playfully explore themes such as team bonding, communication, teamwork and creativity. Her background as an operations manager for fashion brands American Apparel and Ralph Lauren gives her valuable insight in understanding and bringing together the corporate world and the creative world. She’s had clients ranging from Nike to Triodos Bank.

She is passionate about theater and improvisation and loves to teach and coach theater groups in Amsterdam, from complete beginners to groups who want to work on building their theatricality. Before she studied theater she studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She uses her artistic background to inform the theatrical aesthetics of what she does on stage, combining her expertise in comedy and physical theater with visual thinking.